We feel responsible to the society, that‘s why the development of citizens‘ health and the promotion of healthy way of life are our goals.

As we are socially responsible and value only transparent activities, in our work we follow EU and national law requirements.


Our activity encompasses not only Lithuania but other EU countries as well. Broad geography ensures us a possibility to offer competitive prices and products of high quality.

We actively cooperate with legal distributors of pharmaceutical products all over the world.


We are distinguished for offering products of high quality and attractive prices.

We aim for strengthening and expansion of our company both in Lithuania and abroad, developing network of reliable partners in Europe and other countries, realization of active export and becoming one of the leading parallel import companies of pharmaceutical preparations in Lithuania.


Our employees have high qualification and long experience in pharmaceutical products field.

We believe that our strong, professional and energetic team is the passport to success - that‘s why we invest in our employees‘ training constantly: they attend refresher courses, in-service trainings and seminars.

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